Junior WAEC (BECE) Past Questions and Answers | Free PDF Download

Junior WAEC (BECE) Past Questions and Answers | Free PDF Download.

If you are writing the forthcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination in Nigeria, we have good news for you. The complete and up to date Junior WAEC BECE Past Questions and Answers are ready. The Material is in PDF and contains questions up to 7 years.

Junior WAEC (BECE) Past Questions and Answers
Junior WAEC (BECE) Past Questions and Answers

Details on how to download the Past Questions can be found in this article. Keep reading. The Basic Education Certificate Examination is taken by candidates in the Js3 class who are about to cross over to the senior secondary class 1.

Why You Need Junior WAEC BECE Past Questions and Answers

  • It gives you a focused insight into what to expect in the actual examination.
  • 80% of the questions contained therein are usually repeated
  • You will easily recall answers to questions if you see them in the exam hall thereby saving you time for other tougher questions.
  • It gives you confidence before you enter the hall for the actual thing.
  • It increases your experience and makes you understand patterns

Junior WAEC BECE Past Questions and Answers Samples

Here are some samples form the questions and answers which you might find in the exams this year.


Past Questions with Solutions Mathematics 2018



  1. Approximate 5.7255 to the nearest A. 5.7 B. 5.725 C. 5.7255              D. 5.726 E. 5.73
  2. Write in figure: six hundred and fifty-eight million, one hundred and twenty-five thousand and
  3. 658,125,100 B. 658,125,101
  4. 658,125,001 D. 658,125,000
  5. 658,105,001
  6. Express 0.00254 in standard
  7. 2.54 x 10-1 B. 2.54 x 10-2 C. 2.54 x 10-3
  8. 2.54 x 10-4 E. 2.54 x 10-5
  9. Find the sum of prime factors in 60. A. 5 7  C. 8              D. 10      E. 12
  10. Round off 6827 to the nearest
  11. 6820 B. 6821 C. 6830      D. 6900
  12. 7000
  13. Express N00 as a ratio of N72.00.
  14. 34:16 B. 16:34 C. 9:4     D. 4:9      E. 1:2
  15. Find the L.C.M. of 20a2 and
  16. 4a B. 16a2b C. 160a2b        D. 160ab2
  17. 320a2b
  18. Add the following 1011two ; 1111 two and 101111 two. A. 111110 two 10111two                  C. 1001001 two D. 1001101 two                                                    E. 11001101 two
  19. Find the H.C.F of 108 and
  20. 9 B. 18 C. 27        D. 36       E. 72
  21. Increase 4500kg by 15%.
  22. 300kg B. 675kg C. 3825kg      D. 5175kg E. 67500kg
  23. Find the product of the L.C.M. and H.C.F. of the following numbers 9, 12 and 18. 6               B.18     C. 36     D. 108 E. 216
  24. If N240,000.00 is shared among 3 people in the ratio 5:4:3, what is the least share?
  25. N100,000.00 B. N96,000.00 C. N80,000.00 D. N60,000.00 E. N52,000.00
  26. Find the simple interest on N30,000.00 for 3½ years at 5% per
  27. N5,250.00 B. N5,775.00 C. N10,750.00 D. N11,550.00 E. N15,770.00
  28. Find the square root of 9 x 16 x
  29. 3600 B. 360 C. 60 D. 25 E. 9
  30. A desktop computer is bought for N45,000.00 and sold for N30,000.00. Find the loss
  31. 45.00% B. 33.33% C. 30.00% D. 15.33%
  32. 10.00%
  33. Arrange in descending order of magnitude 3/5, ½, 4/7, 5/9.
  34. 3/5, 4/7, 1/2., 5/9 B. ½, 4/7, 3/5, 5/9 C. 3/5, 4/7, 5/9, ½ D. 4/7, 3/5, ½, 5/9 E. 5/9, 3/5, 4/7, ½.
  35. On every sale of goods worth N10,000.00, there is a commission of N00. If an agent delivers N150,000.00, find his commission.
  36. N1,250.00 B. N2,250.00 C. N4,150.00 D. N7,250.00                E. N8,250.00
  37. Multiply 1001101two by 111two.
  38. 1001101two B. 1000101two C. 1001001two D. 1010001two     E. 10011two
  39. A Toyota Hilux uses 100 litres of fuel in a distance of 250km. How many litres of fuel will it use for a distance of 150 kilometres?
  40. 50 litres B. 60 litres C. 80 litres D. 133 litres
  41. 375 litres
  42. Reciprocal of 0.65 to three significant figure is? A. 1.54 1.538       C. 1.53       D. 1.500  E. 0.54

Answers to BASIC EDUCATION CERTIFICATION (JSS 3) Past Questions with Solutions Mathematics 2018

1.D  7.C    13.A  19.B  25.B  31.A  37.A

2.C  8.C    14.C  20.A  26.B  32.A  38.C

3.C  9.D    15.B  21.C  27.B  33.C  39.A

4.D  10.D  16.C  22.D  28.B  34.B  40.C

5.C  11.E  17.E  23.B  29.E  35.B  41.B

Cost of Material and How to Get Your Own Copy.

The cost of the newly updated Junior WAEC BECA Past Questions and Answers is 1,000.00 naira only for each subject.

For example,

  • Agricultural Science – 1,000 naira
  • Civic Education – 1,000 naira
  • Physical health education – 1,000 naira
  • Computer Studies – 1,000 naira
  • Social Studies – 1,000 naira
  • MUSIC – 1,000 naira
  • INTEGRATED SCIENCE – 1,000 naira
  • Mathematics – 1,000 naira
  • English Language – 1,000 naira
  • Fine Art – 1,000 naira
  • BASIC SCIENCES – 1,000 naira
  • BASIC TECHNOLOGY – 1,000 naira
  • Home economics – 1,000 naira
  • Geography – 1,000 naira
  • Integrated Science – 1,000 naira
  • Physics – 1,000 naira
  • Social Studies – 1,000 naira

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