NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers | Free PDF Download.

NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers | Free PDF Download.

National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Free PDF Download. Get the Past Questions and Answers Here.

NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers
NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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About the National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency

The establishment of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) by the promulgation of Decree Number 48 of 1989, now Act of Parliament, was aimed at exterminating illicit drug trafficking and consumption in the Nigerian society. It is a well-known fact that any involvement in drugs, especially their importation, exportation, sale, transfer, purchase, cultivation, manufacture, extraction and possession is universally unacceptable.

Why You Need NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions- The Benefits

This material covers the essential areas on which questions shall be set on the NDLEA Screening Test. It cuts across both verbal and quantitative reasoning as well as general and current affairs questions in relation to the NDLEA.

Roughly 90% of the questions set in the screening exams are repeated questions. It is therefore advisable and paramount to buy the NDLEA Past Questions and Answers to ace your preparation for the NDLEA Screening Test 2020.

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NDLEA Recruitment Interview Screening Date, Venue, and Requirements 2020

The NDLEA Screening Date 2020 is Not Yet out.

The list will be published on the NDLEA Official website.

And also candidates that have been shortlisted will be notified on their email address and phone number that was registered during the recruitment.

Keep checking this page; we will keep updating it daily.

NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Samples 2020

Below are sample questions from the actual material.

1. The chemical in marijuana that causes the high is:

  • A. Nicotine
  • B. THC
  • C. MDMA
  • D. TER

2. Which of these brain parts plays the most important part in your emotional behaviour?

  • A. Cerebellum
  • B. Thalamus
  • C. Amygdala
  • D. Brain stem

3. How can smoking marijuana regularly be especially harmful to teens?

  • A. It lowers your IQ
  • B. It can affect your ability to drive safely
  • C. It can make you less motivated to do well in school
  • D. All of the above

4. What is the most commonly used illicit drug?

  • A. Marijuana
  • B. Heroin
  • C. Ecstasy
  • D. Cocaine

5. Which of these statements is true?

  • A. Drugs enhance your creativity
  • B. A drug may give you a temporary “high,” but when it wears off the crash is lower than before
  • C. Drugs will remove your fears and make life more pleasant
  • D. It takes years to become dependent on drugs

6. Which of these seasons of the year is not present in Nigeria?

  • A. Harmattan
  • B. Dry
  • C. Raining
  • D. Winter

7. Which of these options can be used to control plant growth around the house?

  • A. Genocide
  • B. herbicide
  • C. Insecticide
  • D. Kerosene

8. The sun or any star and the planets which move round it is referred to as ____.

  • A. Sunny system
  • B. Solar System
  • C. Solar Plexus
  • D. Solar power

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